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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Humpless Wednesday and other ramblings

Who coined the phrase 'hump day'? For some reason, I picture a poorly lit bedroom set with an overweight director barking orders to bored porn stars. It's the rap songs, I tell you, my mind's been in the gutter all day.

Why is it that on my most bloated day of the month the mailbox is full of swimsuit catalogs? I smell conspiracy. AND why did Mimi have to mention PEANUT BUTTER OREOS? Just plain mean, Mimi.

Where is the Bionic Woman remake? I know that Wonder Woman is still in its casting stages(which if I were 50 pounds lighter and in California yada yada), but there has been nothing on my favorite 1970's series. The springing motion sound, the radar ping hearing, GOD I WISH I WAS HER!! Our daughter came this close to being named after her sidekick, Callahan, until hubby pointed out that was Dirty Harry's last name. Not exactly a great feminine role model, plus I really don't want her packing a .357 for school.

How many people actually fall for that weight loss pill that costs 157 bucks for a 30 day supply? My favorite part is the challenge-no-I-dare-you attitude: "If you are a casual dieter with only 20 pounds to lose, don't call us". Six months ago, they refused people needing to lose only 30 pounds, but I guess business wasn't so good so they've lowered the weight restriction.

Lastly, here's a little helpful hint from Tish-ouise:

When you call a radio station to complain about Candy Shop, use a fake name. Really.


  • Gee I thought hump day was the day you got some....

    Sorry to hear about the whale feelings I hope you feel better real soon.
    It was always a tough time for my wife when that happened. You can Thank Eve for the reminder....

    As for weight loss if you find that magic pill PpeaaLLLSE market it- even with a 50% sucess rate we will be RICH I tell you..

    Gotta Runnaa and go catcha few words from the Rev. man you knowa who I ah mean?

    Bye now.

    By Blogger ikw3804, at 7:52 PM  

  • Ms. Tish: I have no idea how to lose weight, tried and can't do it. I've stopped calling excercise 'excercise' and label it what it really is 'fat jiggling'. I jiggle and jiggle and don't lose a pound. Sigh.

    Well, anyway, I wanted to let you know I'm having a little April Fool's Day contest and I hope you'll participate--I bet you've got a great story. Details are on my blog.


    By Blogger Demented M, at 8:03 AM  

  • Tisha, for shame, Dirty Harry carries a .44 Magnum. "The most powerful handgun in the world and it'll blow you head clean off. So, you have to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky?

    Well, do ya, PUNK?

    Love ya Tish!

    By Blogger The Ugly American, at 7:37 AM  

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    By Blogger HealthyArticles, at 5:46 PM  

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