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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Pre-Strobe Light Post: Her Wryness interviews ME

1) Was there an experience in your past that lead you to become a physical therapist?
My favorite uncle, not detailed in my four uncle posts, had a massive stroke at the young age of 42. I was planning on being the first female athletic trainer for the NFL, but after his stay in rehab, I switched to Physical therapy. You've heard of the horse whisperer? I am the stroke whisperer - able to decipher stroke victim's aphasic speech. It's a gift.

2) The Incredibles won a few Oscars. Were those awards deserved? Why?
I loved this movie! Although Shrek was another favorite, I think The Incredibles touched on the issues we all face with family struggles, individuality versus conformity, and using your special ability to its fullest degree.

3) Your February 26th post says you think you have ESPN. What does the future hold for Tisha?
I know for a FACT there will be no more children coming, so that's one I can safely predict. My novel A Month Full Of Sundays will be picked up by a very smart publisher (smooch, smooch sounds heard here). I see a possible Brownie Troop Leader position looming in my future and it scares me.

4) Your blog is great fun to read. Name 2 ways blogging has enhanced your life.
Meeting so many wonderful people like you, My Wryness, has been the best part of blogging. It has opened so many windows of thought and opportunity for me in terms of writing and creativity. AND I get to tell the crazy stories that float around in my noggin - how many of you can say your great grandmother was a kleptomaniac? That's what I thought.

5) Imagine you have been gifted with invincibility and assured success. Knowing that, what book would you write?
My second novel, Rocks of Ages, would be my choice for two reasons. First, it would educate the public on what really goes on in a nursing home. Secondly, the fantastic residents that had such a positive impact on my life would have the same opportunity with readers. Especially Miss Tena - she was my 'baby' before our first child came along.

I'd like to thank Her Wryness for this interview - the lighting crew did a FABULOUS job showcasing my eyes and somehow de-emphasized the large pimple on my my jawline. So, who will be my VICTIM, oh, I mean my subject? Post a comment here and you will be in the "Tish-weiser" hot seat. Yea, I watch too much ESPN.

The strobe light post will be up later tonight. I'm off to deliver the GS cookies!


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