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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ten Years ago, I wore white

Why are some memories easier to replay and others fuzzy?
Today marks the eve of my tenth wedding anniversary. At this exact moment a decade ago, my rehearsal dinner began. I remember laughing at the advice, my mother crying while I introduced her, and our preacher toasting us with a nice red wine.

The best advice my mom gave stands true - whatever you do in the first year, you will do for the rest of your life. I didn't take the trash out then and still don't. I didn't do any lawnwork, allergies and all, and still don't. Before you think I got off scot free, know this: he doesn't do the laundry, the dishes, or most of the cooking.

I think each phases of marriage has its own personality, like the dwarfs that Snow White entertained. I've always wondered how one woman could live with seven men - seems like a nightmare with all that laundry, but hey, they were dwarfs, so the clothes had to be little, right?

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  • Happy is the first year, the honeymoon year. You have gifts to unwrap, thank you notes to write, and hot monkey love to make.
  • Sleepy is the second year. Many pregnancies begin this year. Too bad there isn't a Urking dwarf.
  • Grumpy/Dopey share the third and fourth year. Lack of sleep, parental duties, and lack of funds can change any happy couple. Milestone moments of the first tooth, the first step, the first words tranform the grouchy spouse to a goofy, wide-eyed proud parent in a millisecond.
  • Bashful enters the picture when the kids are old enough to sleep through the night and sex moves from the backseat to the passenger side. Don't want to wake the kids, shh.
  • Sneezy, unlike his counterparts, come and go from a marriage under the guise of the flu, colds, ear infections, strep throat, chicken pox, etc. No time for the loving couple to share the intimate moments, there's vomit to clean and antibiotics to pick up at Walgreens.
  • Doc comes to visit in the form of counseling - either the formal kind with a marriage counselor or the more informal setting: Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura.
    • We've been through each of the dwarfs of marriage. Since my husband has an extreme fear of midgets, he doesn't like to talk about it or them. Personally, I wouldn' t trade any of them for a million dollars. I think marriage is like weight, it goes up and down. It needs to be worked on for the right balance. Sometimes we need a little Slim Fast, other times we crave a Dairy Queen milkshake. But in the end, it's the ideal 'weight' we strive for, but accept what the scale tells us.

      Did I just say 'weight' and 'scale' in the same sentence? Ugh.


      • Congratulation! That is definitely a milestone during dawn of the 'd' (I vow to not even say the word). We are in our seventh year of marriage. Glad to know that the little dwarfs' are "recyclable."

        Enjoy the next ten.

        By Blogger hybe, at 8:45 AM  

      • Hello Ms. Tish. I finished my poem. It isn't the love song I thought it would be,but an introduction to all of you ladies who commented on My Muse and how all of you have affected my life. Love to ya, Ms. Tish. Hope the anniversary celebrations didn't involve the strobe light or the nosy neighbour....

        By Blogger ddddddddddddddddddddd, at 9:36 PM  

      • Tish, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what I'm doing here! First of all, is my assumption that access and contribution to a "blog" is kind of like having a pen-pal? If so, am I also right in assuming that I can interact with someone like yourself and talk about thoughts, ideas, problems, etc.? My hope is that I COULD have a pen-pal to talk about all the things you talk about in your "blog". Like family, marriage, kids, career and life in general. Thanks, ahead of time Tish, for helping to educate me and bringing me into the next generation of computer application! Very Sincerely, Kim, Bountiful, Utah

        By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:40 AM  

      • Hmmmm...now im scared, LoL. Don't let SINGLES read that entry! Joke!

        Take care :o)

        By Blogger "J", at 8:40 PM  

      • OMG! My 10 year is the 20th--we're a week apart!

        Only my DH has left the country with his mother for a visit 'back home'. Sniff. I'll be spending my anniversary alone.

        So whoop it up a little for me too, as my 10th will come and go uncommemorated.

        Happy Anniversary!


        By Blogger Demented M, at 8:56 PM  

      • The dwarf analogy is tooooo dead on.

        By Blogger cordaisy75, at 11:22 PM  

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