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Monday, May 30, 2005

God has taken an Angel from us

Hello to all of you in the blogosphere. I hope your Memorial Day was filled with family, food, and most of all, homage to those that have given their lives for our freedom.

Yesterday I was informed that a good friend, a woman with two children the same age as mine, died. She had two cosmetic procedures, and on day three, they think she had a PE (pulmonary embolism. Her mother found her early Saturday morning.

A mother of two, a wife of one, died.

My heart aches for her daughter who will never have Laurie brush her hair again, teach her about boys, or see her walk down the aisle. I mourn for her son, who worshipped his mother with every glance and stolen kiss. I grieve for her husband that now faces life without his lover, his companion, his best friend.

Instead of making you laugh, or think, or roll your eyes at my normal insanity, I ask each of you to pray for the Powells, for their families, and for the scores of friends left behind.

After that, call your family, hug your spouse, tell your best friend you love them. We aren't promised tomorrow, but we can share our love today.

God Bless all of you, my dear friends.


  • Tish - How awful. Sending prayers and thoughts your way.

    By Blogger ShoeHound, at 7:21 PM  

  • I hope you can feel this big hug I've aimed your way. . . .

    By Blogger Mamacita, at 11:44 PM  

  • I'm so sorry.

    By Blogger Silly Old Bear, at 10:12 AM  

  • Tish, I am so very sorry to hear of this tragedy. Please know you and yours are in my thoughts.

    By Blogger Robin, at 12:30 PM  

  • I'm sorry. Prayers for you and the Powell Family.

    By Blogger Jean, at 6:07 PM  

  • I was gone when this happened, but I did want to say how sorry I am that Laurie is gone.

    I will keep her friends and family in my thoughts.


    By Blogger Demented M, at 8:33 PM  

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