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Friday, May 13, 2005

If youth is wasted on the young, what have the elderly?

You pass them at the pharmacy or the doctor's office. They are the invisible majority in our society. Even though the media celebrates youth as if it were a precious commodity, the baby boomers are the true hidden gems of our time.

Every day I am amazed at the stories these treasures possess, and what boggles my mind is no one is listening. Not to the WWII Vet who survived the front line, not to the mother that raised eleven children on less than what we spend on a night out of the town. No one appreciates the heartaches of lost loves, lessons learned, or mistakes remedied by hard work and determination. It's just another old fogey rambling on about ancient days, blah blah.

Until you hear the story of a woman describing first hand her daughter-in-law's murder, a Veteran detail atrocities of war that make Abu-Grav look like a day in Disneyland, or a married couple of 50 years explain how to stay married longer than a home mortgage.

Someone once told me that parents and grandparents are like professional travelers. Instead of trekking out on our own in this world, why not ask the people that have already been there? They know the pitfalls, the road blocks, and most of the short cuts along the road of life. What better guide than someone who has been there, done that? No video game simulation or interactive computer software can teach that.

During wartime, we should turn to the one generation that not only lived it, but honored this country with their blood, sweat, and lives. Let us not forget where and WHO we come from, or the enemy within and without shall surely reign victorious.

Now I issue this challenge to you: over the next week, spark up a conversation with the slower, older, and collagen challenged sector of your fair city. Within two minutes, you will find someone that isn't a bad driver, or a coupon fanatic, but a person that has such unique experiences you will be better for meeting them. Unless you meet my neighbor, and then I can't be responsible for what may occur.
PS If you aren't reading Hoss by now, you are missing out on pure gold, baby.


  • We've got to eat all the old people.

    By Blogger Atomic Bombshell, at 1:00 AM  

  • "And when he gets to Heaven
    To St. Peter he will tell:
    'One more Marine reporting, Sir — I've served my time in Hell."

    Sgt. James A. Donahue, USMC
    First Marine Division, World War II

    By Anonymous Mustang, at 11:16 AM  

  • Agreed, Tish. Our generation will be the last to be able to hear those tales first hand, and that makes me really sad for the Gen-Xers.

    By Blogger poopie, at 2:54 PM  

  • I am honored to include you on both of my blogrolls, Tish. Thanks. Did you see . . .

    By Blogger Mustang, at 5:14 PM  

  • So true Tish - my dad, who most knew only as a total kook nut old guy by the time he died, did some incredible things in his life. He went so many places and experienced so much. And he sacrificed so much of his life for his country too. He was a Marine on the front wave of attack at Guadalcanal (sp?) in WWII, he lost 80% of his company, he was in the hospital for a year. Yet many people just saw an old man that drank too much and never shut up.

    By Blogger Idgie @ the "Dew", at 7:05 AM  

  • It is very sad how are elderly are so under-valued in our society.I work as a bartender part-time at the members loungs at our local American Legion. I count myself lucky because every week I get to listen to this fine men & women veterans regal me w/stories of their glory days. I'm glad to have these people around as role models for my young son.

    By Anonymous NY Belle, at 1:04 AM  

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