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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Maternally grateful

Once a year, we honor and celebrate the life givers of our world.

Cards are sent, flowers dispatched, and dinners cooked for the one person that held our hearts from the very beginning. Some mothers have the luxury of carrying their children to full-term, others await the arrival of their children via a complete stranger, but they are all mothers just the same.

There are no June Cleaver moments in real life, no moral compass circumstances wrapped neatly into a thirty minute time slot. Ours is a role that no actress in Hollywood portrays correctly without body doubles and dress rehearseals. There are no dress rehearsals for the first words, appearence of teeth, and those precious steps that change life forever. We don't have a stand-in waiting in the wings for a WalMart trip filled with tantrums and sprints down an aisle. There isn't a script from which to read the riot act to a sassy seven year old or a defiant five year old.

What mothers do defies logic but testifies to what is greater than all of us: Love. Love is what wipes the noses at 3 am, spanks the bottoms when dashing out in the street, and cuddles the child's heart broken from a playground confrontation. There is no paid leave, no medical benefits, and certainly no financial gain from being a mother. But the perks, oh, the perks of a slobbery kiss from a toothless baby, the tightly grasping hand while walking in the mall, and the spontaneous outpouring of love from a dripping wet swimmer outweigh any 401K rollover fund.

If my memory serves me, I owe more to my mother than our current National Debt. Her patience, strength, and determination to see me a faithful Christian and a productive member of society have created in me the same desire for my children. How she resisted strangling me and my smart mouth is beyond me BUT her words are coming true: I hope you have a daughter just like you. And I have, as most of you know. Now it is my turn to protect her, push her, and ensure her success in this world like my mother did for me.

Thanks, Mom. I love you.


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