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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Aw, did we hurt your feelings, Mr. Child Molester?

What horrible people we are in this United States.

First, we have children, the exact temptation that all pedophiles cannot deny. What are we thinking? That's like swinging a string of sausages close enough to the lion but not within chomping range.

Secondly, we protect these children like they are something 'precious'. Truth be told, a woman has the capability to have over thirty children if she sees fit. What's one or two given over to the child molesters' alternative lifestyle? We can make more children, you know. They are just trying to live their lives like anyone else.

Thirdly, we have the unmitigated gall to actively seek these individuals out, identify them by name, place, and offense, and make their lives a living hell. According to Michael Hill, an AP writer, our society has made the lives of released sex offenders too dificult and he's not alone. Researchers at Lynn University say that the stresses of tighter restrictions may play a role in repeat offenses. Richard Hamill, who heads the New York State Alliance of Sex Offender Service Providers, feels that they should have full time jobs, safe homes, and a chance to contribute to society (more than just the occasional molestation of a boy, that is).

What can we do as a nation to make the lives of these poor souls easier? How about a neighborhood Welcome Wagon, complete with the addresses and vital statistics of each child living in a 1000 yard radius? Or better yet, we could open our homes up these so called predators with a bed, bathroom, and full access to our families? Surely a home environment will only heal these troubled people and allow them a full and productive life.

Mr. Child Molester, feel free to live near me. I shall welcome you with open arms. Pay no mind to the large dog that patrols my home and land, she will not bite any appendage off in one fail swoop. Do not worry about the six guns or countless knives in my home that have potential to harm you. Ignore the duct tape and electrodes near a chair, that's not for you, really. Please, knock on my door anytime and have no fear of the karate chop to your neck or the knee to the groin action I practice, it's only for those annoying vacuum salesmen. We hope you enjoy your time in our neighborhood and as a testimony to our pledge to your happiness, we will gladly install surveillance cameras pointed at your every exit so as to ensure you will not be harrassed in any way, shape or form.

Of course, if you cannot adjust, there is one more place that might treat you with the respect you deserve: it's a little place called HELL. Try it, you might meet a friend or two.


  • Lemme see: some yardbird researcher thinks child molester recidivism may be tied to the scrutiny of society on the lower-than-pond-scum molester?

    Even more contributory would be NO scrutiny whatsoever, but that's probably beside the point.

    What's a little more fauxeducrap with a "but it's not fair" level playing field notion.

    Don't they need compost shovellers in Iowa?

    By Blogger Skunkfeathers, at 12:31 PM  

  • You know, I hear ya'. And then, we do all have to live in this world together, and what do we do to make things right and fair and just? I sit around and wonder what really is the best solution, because I do spend time thinking about everyone's side (yes, even the child molestors' side) and it's a tough balance...and I always say, well, it's not a perfect system, but whaddya gonna do?

    By Blogger Mona, at 12:52 PM  

  • Thanks for a thought-provoking post, by the way.

    By Blogger Mona, at 12:52 PM  

  • The thing that makes child molesters different than other criminals is that they can't control their behavior. They WILL reoffend. It's the way they are wired. I don't know what to do, but letting them out on society is not the answer.

    And while I might not burn out a child molester in my neighborhood (as was done here several years ago), I'd give the burners accurate directions to the house.

    By Anonymous TW, at 6:14 PM  

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