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Monday, June 27, 2005

Michael Landon had it right

The man that raised Laura Ingalls Wilder has become my parenting hero.

Since we are battling the 'do you hit back?' conundrum, a flashback to an old Highway to Heaven flew across my mind. Michael Landon's character was hit once in the face, and after he turned the other cheek, received another blow. He then proceeded to fight back, saying that God didn't say turn both cheeks or something to that effect.

I've told Drama Diva and Casper that there comes a time in your life that tattling only buys you the label of coward, that you must stand up for yourself and what is right. In turn, Drama Diva has taken it upon herself to combine her verbal skills with the power of one year of karate into a show of strength and wit. Casper, however, has a more passive quality and will withstand a pummelling by boys half his size. It wasn't until his best friend hit his sunburned shoulders that my boy, my innocent angel, released his fury. Not only did he knock the boy to the ground, but made the bully cry. When the teacher told me what had occurred, I maintained my 'stern mother' countenance until we were out of sight, and then gave my mini-Ali a high five.

But Casper wasn't proud of himself. His eyes filled with tears as he recounted how bad he felt for making someone cry. He asked me would Jesus have hit back, would Jesus push someone down...and I had to pause for a moment. That's the question the whole world struggles with at this very moment, with the War, with the terrorists, with civilization as we know it.

Casper waited for my answer and then it hit me - my son's heart was bigger than fear, hate, and pain. I told him that there is righteous anger, which is what he felt, and then there was ugliness, which is what he had experienced at the hands of his friend. Now he knew the difference. Hubby was more direct, as men will be. His quote, "Don't start something, but if someone messes with you, finish it."

I know this will not be the last time my Casper gets into a scuffle, but for right now, he is my hero. And so is Michael Landon. If you are wondering, Drama Diva's constant mouth seems to be deadlier than her spin kick. For now, anyway.


  • It was my experience back in those days that after I stood up for myself once...most of the bullies moved on to pick on kids that wouldn't.

    I think Casper has a pretty good head on those little shoulders. And just think...you did that all by yourslef...no village or anything!!!

    By Blogger The Ugly American, at 7:12 AM  

  • I can speak from personal experience, that you've raised Drama Diva and Casper right. Don't look for trouble; but if it comes, walk away if you can, but if a fight is inevitable, stand and deliver.

    I tried the turning both cheeks in my youth, as urged by my folks; it got me branded as a coward, and I became a bully magnet.

    That changed in high school, and I learned a valuable lesson: bullies back down from a stand made, and take their bluster elsewhere.

    The lesson has a worldly application, too: peace through strength is not merely rhetoric. It is the way things are.

    By Blogger Skunkfeathers, at 2:13 PM  

  • There was a time when Jesus went into the temple and found that the moneychangers had turned the place of worship, what Jesus considered His Father's house, into a store front instead of a place of worship. He overturned tables and scattered the money about.

    I can't think of an instance when he struck another person, but be sure to know that He understood anger as well as forgiveness.

    Be proud of your son for his immense heart. It will take him a long way in life.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:53 PM  

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