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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Remember, YOU asked the questions

Mike, my unofficial brother, asked:
What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? On a personal level, I would become a successfully published author that could write full time. On a social level, I would find a way to eradicate the world of child abuse. On a spiritual level, I would seek a deeper relationship with God for myself and my family.
What would be your dream vacation - where and for how long?
Oh, anywhere with a pool, a masseur, good Dr. Pepper, and great Italian food. A week is usually the limit for me as I tend to lose focus on reality after that long.
Why do kids perceive the bathroom as the place to wait until the groceries are unloaded? The same reason that they leave the lids off of toothpaste, milk cartons open and water running in the kitchen, BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!

Karin, one of my first blog finds, asked:
What would you drink if they stopped making Dr. Pepper?After a year of wearing all black, I would seek professional help in the form of Mr. Pibb.
Why do liberals think they way they do? I have to believe it's from either exposure to mercury at a young age OR possibly an iron deficiency.
Do you believe that the inventor of high heels was a masochist? I think he hated his mother, probably lusted after his cousin, and had a strange fascination with bunions.

Steel Cowboy, recently engaged to Cheri, asked:
You are given control of the world for one day by God, and can as you wish. What would you do with this power? Implant in everyone's heart and soul the desire to heal, to help, and to appreciate everything and everyone around them. That way, no abuse, neglect, war, hate, or malice could occur.
You have one flower and two friends who need consoling. What do you do? Bring the two friends together for mutual consolation. Flowers are nice but can't provide the same healing as a person listening to your problems.
You are standing before God and He asks why He should let you into heaven. What do you answer? I don't deserve to go to Heaven. Please show me mercy as Your Son has.

Hoss, my West Coast paramour, asked:
Why don't you exchange the picture of you on this page for the one in your gravatar? It's lots nicer. I have done so at your request. Personally, I think I look bloated but since you are my other love, I shall use this picture for you.
You profession isn't based, much, on writing. So how did you turn out to be such a classy writer? Aw, you've made me blush. I have written in some form or fashion since my mother bought me a Big Chief Tablet. Stories, rants, and occasional political opinions keep bubbling to the surface. Some might say like an overflowing toilet, but I like to think of it as a babbling spring in the summer.
You have written several Biblically-oriented pieces. Why is it you know the Bible so well? Years of church three times a week. I was raised in a very conservative denomination, so it was instilled in me at a young age.

Poopie, another writer, asked:
What inspires you to write? Life. And anything that angers or tickles me.
Who was your mentor? As a mom, my own mother. As a PT, a woman I worked for in Broken Arrow, OK. As a wife, my mother again. As a writer, Erma Bombeck. I read her from the time I was about ten.
Is that snake REALLY dead? YES. But the kids sure wished it would have been alive during the photo shoot.

Ian, my favorite Argentinian, asked:
did u picture yourself as DRAMA DIVA HERO MOM when u were younger? I didn't want children until I met my husband, so no. But as soon as my Drama Diva entered the world, I knew I would die for her. And for Casper, my son.
number three things you just can´t take outta your head.My children, my husband, and my job. Money is always dancing in the back of my mind, as is losing weight and writing more.
that ´special´song and why... Since I met Hubby at an Eagles concert, anything they play is special. Oh, and "Here and Now" by Luther, we had it sung at our wedding. Then there's always any soundtrack to any children's movie, since I can sing them IN MY SLEEP NOW.

Finally, Nickle Annie asked:
Do you like Canadians? Yes I do. Well, not the fanatical PETA girl I met in Toronto, or the rude women that tried to knock me down as I walked down Young Street, but the gay men and straight men seemed to like my accent and treated my sister and I like family.
Does that thing gross you out as much as it did me? Not as much as dead squirrels hanging out of Sophie's mouth.
What is your favorite memory from childhood?Catching fireflies at my cousin's house after spending the day with my PawPaw. That's what childhood should be about, not worrying about predators or stranger danger.


  • That was a special way to share a little of yourself with us Tish, thank you :)

    By Blogger steelcowboy, at 4:44 PM  

  • heeeeey my grandmother and grandfather used to live in broken arrow, oklahoma. caroline and stan beason. you prolly dont know them but i thought i'd throw that out there.

    By Blogger Maddie, at 10:00 PM  

  • What, no one asked you the seminal question of life?

    If a sheep is a ram, and a donkey is an ass, why is a ram in the ass a goose?

    And don't ask me; I ain't figgered it out yet, either.

    By Blogger Skunkfeathers, at 1:56 AM  

  • such a woman of the people!

    By Blogger mcgibfried, at 8:44 PM  

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