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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Working for the Man/Stripper

It's Saturday and I have to WORK. Granted, I will probably glean some great blog material as I treat the Virgin Stripper but I'd rather be swimming the kids or cleaning my new countertop for the bar in my kitchen. Instead, I'm off to see five patients so I will leave you with your questions for Saturday's Spill.

When are you the most relaxed?

Where is your least favorite place?

What pleases only you?

Who is the one person you'd like to sing in public to?

How much would you spend on a new laptop computer? (this is my poll, I'm wanting to upgrade)
Why can't we find Osama?

ADVICE TIME: I am in the market for a new laptop BUT due to my cheap DNA, don't want to spend skads of money. Last night I tried to bargain with a red headed manager at Best Buy to avail - AND I was wearing my new cool hat! A DVD-R/CD-RW with a lot of memory and speed, that's all I'm looking for here. Not the solution to saddlebags or a diamond the size of my fist, just a nice computer. Any suggestions?
Have a great Saturday and don't stare at the sun.


  • In answer to your poll:

    1. I suspect when I'm unconscious

    2. The dentists' office

    3. Discomfort-relieving
    flatulence? That's just a

    4. No one; I can't carry a tune in
    a bucket

    5. Nothing; I look at laptops like
    I look at cell phones (don't
    have one of those, either)

    6. Hard to find a single cockroach
    in a region replete with them

    By Blogger Skunkfeathers, at 12:40 PM  

  • My most favorite place is whatever dream I might be having when I'm sleeping in on my off days.

    My least favorite place would have to be work, when I'm there on a Friday night and I'm surrounded by people having fun.

    A good meal, or a good laugh, doesn't matter what as long as it's funny and I'm sharing it with another person. Though it's also fun to read by myself.

    I'd spend about $1200 on a laptop. I'd also suggest getting it from ebay. I'd find someone who's used ebay for quite awhile if you need a second opinion once you find something you want to buy. Definitely check out a buying guide like cnet's.

    And if I had to guess, on Osama...we probably know where he is and can get to him, but if we captured Osama it might cause us more problems.

    By Anonymous Yawbo, at 12:43 PM  

  • I don't have much for you this afternoon, kiddo, except I'm an expert on the laptop thing. I figure I wouldn't spend more than $1,000 of your money on a new one.

    By Blogger OldHorsetailSnake, at 2:29 PM  

  • Tish, this is the ResPed's Wench letting you know my new homepage. Please update your blogroll :)

    By Blogger Supergirl, at 3:43 PM  

  • Tish, if you have a Sam's Club near you that is a great place to get one. Otherwise configure your own on Dell of HP site. Steer clear of Celeron if possible, AMD is the best bang for the buck in processors.

    By Blogger Bubblehead, at 6:06 PM  

  • As for a laptop I usuully buy a good used one off Ebay. Dell and IBM are my main choices.
    If you buy a brand new one you get it alright... With out Vasiline my dear or KY for that matter.
    I hate it when friends spend 1200- 2500 on brnad new laptops from best buy or comp usa, and they are getting screwed royally everytime.
    So if you decide to go that route - just go ahead save your self some pain- take your own vasilne. other wise write Tish and I can help you find a nice laptop for hundreds or thousands cheaper. New Laptops are are a lot like new cars they are out of value this minute you take it out of the box.

    By Blogger ikw3804, at 12:52 PM  

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