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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bologna and peanut butter, anyone??

Every year on the second Saturday in August, a distant branch of my family tree gathers at a bar. Yes, I said BAR. Nestled in the backwoods of a small Oklahoma town sits Skinny's, a basic hole in the wall joint. Two pool tables are transformed to a buffet, and the full horse trough becomes a swimming pool for around ten children of all ages. A fire hazardous, rickety trampoline made in the Dwight Eisenhower era and five llamas decorate the front yard.

The first year we attended, we were greeted by the hostess with, and I kid you not, bologna and peanut butter rollups with a banana slice garnish. Of course I passed on that, along with the mystery meat next to the seven KFC buckets. This is our fourth such reunion, and I have attempted to bring some sort of culture to these people. Last year I made 75 crab stuffed mushrooms. In less than five minutes, all were gone from the pool table/buffet. The bearded man that is relations to me in some odd way six times removed had the last four 'shrooms. Watching his wife chew hers without teeth while laughing at the latest "Git'er done" joke squelched any appetite I had for three hours.

Why do I go? Well, apart from the free beer and great blog material, one word:


Oh, yeah, uh huh, I'm a singer, yes I am...oh, sorry, got a little carried away there with the Cabbage Patch move. Duets, solos, and group renditions of all genres can be heard up and down the Red River. I am still legendary for my Melissa Etheridge impersonation, and hubby sure can "sang like that country sanger Toby Whatshisface". Drama Diva has practiced "Baby Girl" and Casper will delight the audience with "My Last Name."

So, as much as I hate to leave, this weekend will be blog free for me. I will, however, brainstorm some new Sunday Interviews for those that have so enjoyed them. While I am away, you are all required to LAUGH. That's it. Watch for Sunday's returning home post. It's sure to be eventful.

Stay safe, everybody.


  • Pictures Tish, we want pictures....and maybe your best mp3! Git-R-Done..

    By Blogger Paul, at 11:41 PM  

  • OMG Tish -- we must be related! Heheh... 'cept we fry our bologna and peanut butter whatchacalit's with a slice-a-nanner. ;)

    Have fun and GAWD -- please take pics of this shindig! ;)

    By Blogger Leslie, at 12:38 AM  

  • I was never much for fried green termaters, neither. But karaoke?

    Oh, the horrors ;)

    Enjoy the weekend, Tish!

    By Blogger Skunkfeathers, at 12:28 PM  

  • Sounds like.... fun! Be safe.

    By Blogger J, at 3:07 PM  

  • Have fun... and please let us know which songs you chose to sing!

    By Blogger Snidget, at 11:09 PM  

  • Yeah, pictures would be very appreciated!

    Have fun!


    By Blogger Toryssa, at 6:09 AM  

  • WOW. You sing? Truly after my own heart. I have discovered that I had a hidden talent in that department, now I can't stop. But I have strayed from my country songs into something new. I have found that I do Elvis really, really well. Started with In the Ghetto, and now I have seven of them that I can do outstanding. Enough that last time I got two standing ovations. And that was before they were all drunk. LOL

    By Blogger ddddddddddddddddddddd, at 12:59 PM  

  • You are cordially invited to a housewarming party at my new place, Chaos with Class. Please update your blogroll or bloglines feed now that my former address has been taken over by some “unsavory” types. I’d love to have you visit my open house and please, bring a housewarming gift. I love gifts!

    By Blogger Cori, at 6:18 PM  

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