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Friday, August 05, 2005

Do I have to solve everything???

Illegal immigration. Once a romantic idea, crossing over the border for a better life and opportunities but with national security concerns , border crossings are tantamount to pre-terroristic attacks. A few Islamic militants can afford to bribe the already poverty stricken immigrants on their journey to the Promised Land. Problem is, once they arrive here with their travelling companion, all Hell can and probably will break loose.

The other argument that swirls around illegal immigration is we, the tax payers of the United States, absorb the cost of their education, healthcare, and housing. We've all heard how the migrant workers will do the jobs that Americans won't do. Hmm, we have thousands of incarcerated criminals with three square meals a day, healthcare, and housing...and what are they doing? Sucking from the teat that is government. The fact that new for-profit prisons are being built all across the nation should be the first clue that our prison population isn't shrinking. It sounds to me that we are not utilizing a workforce population that has an endless supply of labor.

Truth be told, we will cannot and will not ever stop illegal immigrants from poring into our country. There is too much money involved but that's where we as American citizens can get our piece of the pie.

I claim my kids on my taxes, seeing as I pay for their well being with my hard earned dollars. The same can be applied to illegal immigrants. We pay for them, their children, their well being. Why can't we claim Maria, Jose, and others on our taxes? It seems only fair that we prosper like the agricultural businesses do from paying them pittance. It seems only logical that the people that pay for the care of these people are allowed an exemption for their trouble.

There is no doubt that Mexico has little to offer its citizens when you compare it to the USA. Who amongst us would not try our damndest to escape a life of poverty? Like so many people, I have sympathy for these people and their children. But like my mother always said, I didn't take the whole neighborhood to raise. Sometimes enough is enough.


  • An accelerating problem lacking only a few people in positions of leadership with the courage to make 'the tough' decisions (like enforce laws on the books).

    By Blogger Skunkfeathers, at 8:55 AM  

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